Secure payment

Our secure payment

A more secure payment is via Bank Wire which is directly received to us via your bank. The taxes on bank wire charged by our website will be refunded to you. This charge is 1 % for most products. Our bank details will be provided on the payment gateway link . For further details about our bank details , please drop in an email at

Using Visa/Mastercard

We have a joint agreement with PayuMoney, Stripe, PayPal, Razorpay & PayTM for a secure means of payment . These payment gateways is are third party payment gateway and we provide no guarantee or security for the same. It is completely your responsibility to all the details provided by you to the payment gateway methods . Any credit card details are never saved by us . Any further charges incurred by the payment gateway will not be born by us and you will be solely entitled to that transaction. 


SSL is installed on all the payment pages and all your information entered is secure and guaranteed.